Choo Choo

There is never a dull moment when my brothers and I are together... This is my younger brother West trying to get a picture for Instagram and almost getting tagged by the Amtrak in Del Mar! I was able to get a sequence of it with my iphone.


Final 5

Here are my Final 5 photos from my Creative Digital Imaging class last semester at Brooks Institute. This class allowed me to open up my creative aspects of photography unlike any other class I have taken. I chose to do a series of images that were purposely created out of focus and revolved around camping. Enjoy!


After a long spell of no waves, Thanksgiving brought us a much needed swell. With a solid forecast my friends and I were excited to get in the water. I was able to get a few shots in while we were checking Blacks from the glider port. 

Josh Mosiman

Josh Mosiman is an up and coming amateur motocross rider with dream of becoming a pro. He has a great attitude with a good work ethic and he rips! Here are a couple of photos of him from out last shoot together, at the beautiful Zaca Station.

Alabama Hills

Here are some more shots from the camping trip that I went on for my Natural History Photography class. These are my first attempts at shooting star trails, the milky way and light painting. It was a really great night for shooting with clear skies, warm temps and great people! These are all shot in Alabama Hills, Ca.